As you may have noticed, I’ve been away. Plymouth, South Wales, Leeds and Edinburgh, taking in along the way fireworks, an exploding hillside, a lighthouse, innumerable thunderstorms, and a 75% hit rate for a day traipsing around the Fringe.

I believe the technical term for this sort of thing is ‘a holiday,’ but that’s not a word with which I’m familiar. So don’t quote me.

There was, just, time in the middle there to give Gavin some pies for his birthday, and if you’re all very good indeed I might just let you know when a new side-project of his/ours is ready to breathe a little joy into your miserable lives. Maybe next weekend, if you’re lucky.

Meanwhile, I have lunch booked with a charming chappie on Wednesday, hopefully a meeting about a little unexpected work for the BBC, and a day in Dublin on Thursday to discuss a project there (thank you Patrick, Charlie and Adrian for the references, which I’m assuming were either excellent or sufficiently entertaining, since they’re still talking to me).

In short, it’s been a wonderful week. All sorts of stuff I’ll doubtless rattle on about in due course, and a few things you don’t get to know because… well, really, you could be anybody. I mean, I know you’re all friends and all – every single one of you – but pffff! We might be overheard.

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