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Mark, Mija, Simon, John, Kevin, Vinay (yes, Vinay)… you’re back up again. Sorry it took so long. The really bad news is that you’ll no longer have FTP access to your own accounts, since they’re now owned by me. I’ll work to getting this sorted soonest, which will likely involve some additional downtime, though also upgrades to Movable Type and WordPress installs also.

Let me know if there’s anything else broken. For example, you might want to try posting a blog entry…

11 thoughts on “hostee notes”

  1. John: Not a whole lot, frankly, unless you want to diddle with your templates more heavily than Movable Type’s interface allows.
    Mija: I’m aware, but the 403 broke the forwarding too. Blech. Should be OK now: I’ll probably leave /mija as it currently is.
    Richard: Shh! That’s my secret project, inverting the usual spam filter plug-ins so they block crap posts. Adaptive Bayesian algorithms rock: I have another filter that tells you whether job offers are pants or not.

  2. Eh? Did something break?
    FTP – I tried that a while back and broke lots of things, so stopped before I broke anything else :O
    I notice Mija’s asks you for passwords and things.

  3. Yes, Alan, it’s all your fault. Ahem.
    Mija’s site is passworded, but that’s nothing to do with my hosting – that’s all at her new site (deletetheweb simply forwards your browser to her new home, and that’s what’s behind a password wall).

  4. Alan, if you want access to my blog, send me an email and I’ll send you the password. I got tired of spambots and also worried a bit about random netizens oogling pictures of the baby.

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