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PICT0001Behold my dad, standing proudly with the new Sanderson family kettle. We have a chequered history with such appliances. While my own Dualit has been going strong for a couple of years now, my sister has given up on electric kettles entirely and uses a stove-top model, and my parents seem to once again be going through a ‘kettle of the month’ phase. This is, apparently, their second for September.

Dad enthusiastically relates that:

“It has a lid which pops up slowly so we don’t get splashed, a pretty blue light to show how full it is, it boils very quickly (3.1 kw. for 1.5 litres) and looks very pretty.”

He then ruins the moment by adding:

“We bought it yesterday so I thought I would send you a photo whilst it is still working.”


  1. Aw, your dad looks like you. Glad to see he’s well and enthusing about kettles.

  2. This posting is pure mental.

  3. How so? Other bloggers post about their cats — I post about my parents’ kettles. Is that so wrong?

  4. Yeah, show some humanity Nige.

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