The seat of familial influence

PICT0001Behold my dad, standing proudly with the new Sanderson family kettle. We have a chequered history with such appliances. While my own Dualit has been going strong for a couple of years now, my sister has given up on electric kettles entirely and uses a stove-top model, and my parents seem to once again be going through a ‘kettle of the month’ phase. This is, apparently, their second for September.

Dad enthusiastically relates that:

“It has a lid which pops up slowly so we don’t get splashed, a pretty blue light to show how full it is, it boils very quickly (3.1 kw. for 1.5 litres) and looks very pretty.”

He then ruins the moment by adding:

“We bought it yesterday so I thought I would send you a photo whilst it is still working.”

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