The Peoples’ Republic of Prestwick Airport

New from the MySociety genii:, capsule the curiously-capitalised PlaceOpedia. Think Google Maps ? Wikipedia. Brilliant. Except that, as I write, all the links read


  1. You know you can fly from Edinburgh? It’s probably easier.
    Also… you said ‘we’. I spotted that…

  2. Because getting to Edinburgh airport at the crack of dawn is easy, huh? Whu’?
    And ‘we’ is more ‘myself and my fellow passengers,’ to be honest. So there.

  3. Scottish Aviation Prestwick – that’s a big clue as to why it’s the way it is, you only have to look at Robbin’-you-blind-hood Airport near Doncaster, or any other ex-MoD or BAe site. They’re bodged airports, rather than designed or made airports.
    Surprised you didn’t mention the white knuckle ride approach and landing when you return. Can’t think of an occasion where I’ve come in to land in any other direction other than sideways.
    Just comfort yourself with the knowledge that as a fare-paying passenger you’re keeping the cost of running the airfield down, and so allowing what little aircraft manufacturing is left in the UK to continue.

  4. There’s early trains. tchah!

  5. “Are you sure its not the peoples front of Prestwick Airport?”
    “No,no, its the Prestwick Airports peoples front!”

  6. Dear oh dear
    1. This is a condition of flying Ryanair, a cheap low fares airline. Its not 100% convienient.
    2. Wizzair actually use the airport 4 times a day. But that aside that point doesn’t hold any weight what so ever anyway
    3. It’s the airport that deal with cehck in staff, not ryanair and seven are not required for one flight from an airport this size.
    4. No chance. Were these 3 and a half minute passengers all people with excess baggage because that figure is no where near accurate.
    5. see above. Also you would make it, if theres still a queue when check in goes to close then the queue present will be checked in.
    6. Helping passengers? Perhaps the passengers did not help and were infact quite reserved.
    7. This is nothing to do with the airport, its a ryanair thing, so you cant hold that as a reason against the airport
    8. Security has upped sine 9/11, as it has at every airport…who do things PROPERLY
    9. again, it’s law!!
    10. again, new security measures
    11. Never happens now
    12. Thousands of people fly out of the airport without missing their flight.
    13. FALSE, turn right at the enterance to the duty free shop and go around it.
    14. go around them, everybody else does.
    15. People have a tendency to do these things
    16. The screens are crystal clear, a trip to specsavers for yourself perhaps?
    17. Its the big plane right out the door. Its quite hard to miss actually.
    18. Certain calls are only done in the terminal, some only in departures, depending on the call.
    19. Entirely block? I think not, the gates are big enough to go around.
    20. I bet no-one else on your flight made that mistake?
    21. Actually its always open before everything else and last to close..
    22. Why ever not?

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