You couldn’t make this stuff up

Previously, on The Blogosphere: at Les Blogs 2 last year, Ben called Mena‘s speech ‘bullshit,’ so she called him an ‘asshole’. This year, at the successor conference Le Web, French presidential hopefuls showed up and lots of people got annoyed, including Sam. But Loic (who works for Mena, and organised Le Web) called Sam an ‘asshole’, then Michael fired Sam. And now, The Blogosphere continues…

OK, I’ve officially gone from eye-rolling ‘oh-for-heaven’s-sake’ to ‘fetch-me-the-popcorn-this-is-unreal.’ I feel bad for Sam, whose posts at Techcrunch UK read as being quite measured to this non-attender, and I’m appalled that Loic’s contentious comment on Sam’s post has apparently been removed.

Perhaps most significantly, I’m seriously reconsidering my use of Six Apart‘s products. This isn’t a new thought, in that I’ve been watching WordPress with envy for a while, wondering when some of the gloss of TypePad and Vox would pay off for Movable Type, stuggling against the strategy that has me moving to TypePad. But I’ve not seriously considered shifting allegiance, until now. Six Apart is a small organisation, and how its key staff comport themselves in public says a lot about the goals and aspirations of the company. There’s no benefit to me in using tools that are being developed by people who get it so wrong.

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