A new day

Yesterday, I hit a bit of an impasse – a particular film I’m trying to cut that just wasn’t working. It was always going to be cheesy, but it wasn’t coming together in anything like the way I’d wanted. The timings were off, and it looked rough as anything. I struggled through for a while, lashing together at least the audio, but ultimately gave up on it.

This morning it’s a whole different animal. The shots still aren’t there, the performances are dodgy, and the script is over-complicated… but today I can see the charming idea behind it all, I can start to see a decent little film emerging, and as a result I’m enjoying the process again.

I’m frequently surprised by how this happens – given the opportunity, how I feel about a film, on a gut-reaction, emotional level, can change overnight. It’s one of the reasons I like to have three or four on the go at once, since there’s always a few with which I reach a barrier of some sort.

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