4 thoughts on “Bruce the Wonder Yak”

  1. Hi!
    Hey Jonathan, did anyone ever get back to you on this?
    If so could you tell another editing soul who’s searching?
    If not – Bump!
    I’d love the skinny to if anyone has it.
    I’m sitting at the end of a 16-hour editing shift and miss my old friend and his words of wisdom
    martinroe at hotmail.com

  2. Nope. I’ve had several emails asking if I know any more, however.
    Sadly, even the Wikipedia article seems to have disappeared now. The last I heard was that the Bruce’s comments were in the application still, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to coax him out.
    Poor Bruce.

  3. A quick look in the package
    Show Package Contents->Contents->Resources->Final Cut Pro.rsrc
    (open with textedit)
    Shows he is still there
    And it seems he has more to say than ever!
    Good hunting, then.

  4. Looks like there’s some sort of path on how to call him in the code. I’ve been trying to decipher it, but there’s some wording that I’m not familiar with. Hopefully someone figures out where he is before we all move on to FCP7.

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