Movable Type tags and categories

I’m trying to add a comment to this entry linking here, to help people who (like me) might be confused by Movable Type’s distinction between ‘tags’ and ‘categories’.

Frustratingly, MT’s docs system is telling me I’m not signed in… but only when I submit a comment. Up to that point, it’s telling me I am signed in, and is refusing to sign me out.

So… let’s see if the Trackback ping from this post gets picked up. Otherwise, it’s down to Google to link this stuff together.


1 thought on “Movable Type tags and categories”

  1. I am sorry to hear you have been having difficulty leaving a comment. That is definitely something we need to square away ASAP. Many other people are leaving comments so I am curious what could be going wrong.
    I am curious though – what is the comment you are trying to leave? Just that the difference between tags and categories is not clear?

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