Test post from MarsEdit

Seeing if xmlrpc posting is still running in this brave new FastCGI world.

[update: oooh, blimey, that worked. For those following along at home, the relevant .htaccess incantation in my /mt directory is now:

#AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
AddHandler fastcgi-script .cgi
<FilesMatch "^mt-xmlrpc\.cgi$">
SetHandler cgi-script

All this on Dreamhost, by the way.]

[update 2: reverted to:

#AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
AddHandler fastcgi-script .cgi
<FilesMatch "^mt-(add-notify|atom|check|config|feed|testbg|upgrade|wizard|xmlrpc)\.cgi$">
SetHandler cgi-script

…as per these notes.

Looks like everything’s working again. Switching the comment state of each line reverts back to plain old cgi, so we’ll see how it goes.]

[update 3: be sure to:

touch mt.cgi

…whenever you diddle with plugins, to restart the app in FastCGI. I keep forgetting, and MT gets stuck at upgrade checks.]

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