BBC News website redesign

The BBC News front page has been redesigned. I wonder if they’ll start posting stories with paragraphs of more than one sentence now, or if they’ll still write like we’re all idiots.

Hmm… actually, it’s not much of a redesign. They’ve widened the page (wait for the cries from people still running 800×600 screens… both of them), added white space, and made the banner neater. Looks nicer, though.

[update: they didn’t test the new front page on an iPhone, then?]

2 thoughts on “BBC News website redesign”

  1. “wait for the cries from people still running 800×600 screens”
    Do me a favour! You may want a work of art from a news site, I want something functional. I don’t want to have to have a HUGE window just to read the news. And on a laptop (most of which are 1024×768, and will remain so as the pixel size can’t get smaller and retain readibility) you have to maximise the Beeb news web site now. I don’t want a web browser to take over my desktop.
    Haven’t the Been heard of CSS layout and flexible column size?

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