Currently, I’m:

  • Finishing off packaging up the judging process for SciCast, then… doing other stuff for SciCast. Including writing up ‘the vision,’ since it occurs to me that that’s not been packaged sensibly for more than two years now. Also cutting clipsreels of the films nominated for the different Awards categories.
  • Trying to wrap up Walking With Robots. Which is largely an invoicing job. To whit:
  • Invoicing. Oh joy.
  • Consulting for a web video startup.
  • Working with a chum (well, he’s doing most of the work, but…) on a radical icebreaker/meeting/introduction system, that’s suddenly spawning both psychology research projects and domestic grid/supercomputer problems.
  • Hoping to restart my very first blog project, with some chums.
  • Organising filming in schools for a video commission (fairly serious money involved, got to get my finger out on this one).
  • Quoting for another video commission (urgent).
  • Editing sequences for a sort-of commission from last November. Eek.
  • Quoting for yet another video commission. Drat, forgot about that one.
  • Thinking about what happens in Cambridge next week (film-making with geneticists).
  • Contributing some spec stuff and atom templates to the Movable Type podcasting plugin effort.
  • Thinking about film-making with science academics, and where that could go, and how to spend some money that’s kicking around already.
  • Rebuilding several sites (including this and deletetheweb.com) in MT4.1.
  • Building an example PodPress-based system for Gareth, and thinking about porting his podcast to that.
  • Plotting how to set up a second editing base in Cardiff so I can spend more time there — starting to accumulate gear. This would be much easier if Apple came out with new monitors, already. Preferably before the end of the tax year.
  • Trying to work out what to do about a car. I haven’t had one for a year, but I drove 3,000 miles last month. Oops.
  • Writing a draft pitch for a ~£400k project that’s sort-of ‘offspring of SciCast’.
  • Writing conference sessions for BIG.
  • Thinking that I should really get around to joining the Institute of Physics, British Association, Royal Society of Arts, and a few others.
  • Trying to plan some time away with Flossie, since we’ve barely seen each other in the last month.
  • Investigating task management applications, but also taking note of how long it took to compile this list, let alone something properly GTD-like. Yikes.
  • Probably a few other things I’ve forgotten.

Yikes. If you see anything in FireBox that might help — like, a freeze-dried additional Jonathan — please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Distractions”

  1. Who’s side is your Dad on? Isn’t 400 miles enough? On the other hand, if you get someone else to do the work you can be on the next train. You’ll be here in thirteen hours.

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