Deathrace trailer mashup

Caution: contains strong language, graphic violence, flashing lights, and serious awesomeness.

Deathrace mashup trailer

Made by my chum Damien Wasylkiw and his brother Luke. I know, I know: somebody who used to work for me made something that’s actually good. I was surprised too. Tip o’ the hat to Gia for her tweet about this.

[update: I think that’s Damien saying ‘three… two… one… arrrgh!’. Sounds like his voice, anyway.]

[update 2: Unbelievably better than the style-free official trailer ]

[update 3, Feb 2015: as a sign of how messed-up the world is, the video was posted on MySpace. Yeah, you read that right. MySpace. It was big, back in 2008. Sheesh.]

2 thoughts on “Deathrace trailer mashup”

  1. Blimey, yes. Video remixing is one thing, but video remixing with linear tape systems… crumbs.
    I’ve rarely been as awestruck as when sitting in Edit 1 at Scottish TV. The boys in there were utterly amazing. Frame-accurate first time, every time. Unbelievably quick way of cutting video compared to this poncy Avid crap. Until you change your mind, that is…

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