Jem’s Vortex Cannon

Oh. My. Heavens.

I’ll have more to say about Bang Goes The Theory – short version: I rather enjoyed it – but this little film of Jem enthusing about his magnificent vortex cannon is well worth a look:

Damn. Wish I’d seen that.

Incidentally, I’m rather surprised this isn’t on Boing Boing yet. Tsk, tsk.

Update Friday 30th: Gizmodo have it, via Makezine, though both seem to overlook that this is a supersonic shock-induced vortex, not merely whacking a bit of flappy fabric.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the longer item and Jem’s wonderful explanatory piece, above, are available only on iPlayer, within the UK. If they were on YouTube…

1 thought on “Jem’s Vortex Cannon”

  1. I prefer Jem’s style in these videos to his performance in the main show. OK, I understand that he’s excited and high on adrenaline when it’s all happening. I like that, I really do, but there’s something more endearing and engaging on a deeper level with the calmer delivery.
    I’m glad BGTT are doing both. Get the hook on TV when time is, of necessity, tight but add another level on the website, too.
    I also love the fact that he delivers his lines with greasy hands and dirty fingernails. We know that Jem is the tinkerer, not just screen candy. Last night, a new generation of kids were watching and wanting to grow up to be Jem or they have just discovered themselves a new crush.
    (as an aside – the close ups sucked. I want to see the rubber base, dammit; and don’t show me the clunky zoom, thanks)

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