Wolfram and iPhone revisited

I had cause to check my site referral stats recently, and noticed that the most common search term leading people here is no longer ‘ugly wedding dress’, as it was for many years (don’t ask). It’s now ‘Mathematica iPhone.’ No, really, The Daily Grind is the top hit for a Google search for those words. The post I wrote, more than a year ago, is here. It’s a rather lame joke.

Lame enough that I’d forgotten all about it, even when Wolfram last week published an Alpha app in the App Store: stories here and here.

Now, Wolfram Alpha quite likely offers us a glimpse into the future of Google Wave: huge anticipation; lots of geek excitement; soon revealed as being a pointless distraction that doesn’t really work right; check back in a year or so and see what it’s up to then, just in case.

Extrapolating from that parallel, let’s try again:

I hear on the grapevine that Google are working on a dedicated iPhone Wave client. Expect it in the App Store in about three months’ time, for an outrageous asking price north of £30.

[source: entirely made up.]

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