Diddling with stylesheets

I’ve been playing around with the stylesheet here, before iMark gets his grubby mitts on the thing. Several changes still to come, possibly including the orange, which is currently in place more as a convenience than anything else. Don’t be alarmed if it turns deep green on you.

Serifs are, of course, the new slate grey. The font, if you’ve got it, is Baskerville, which in the default Mac OS X install has much more pleasing italics than Garamond. Those watching on Windows will likely get Palatino Linotype; if not, everybody should have Georgia. I could have just picked Times and been done with it, but dahling, everybody’s doing that these days.

Looking at it again, I think the leading needs increasing a gnat’s. I also need to figure out how to educate quotes, since that’s suddenly annoying me. Did I mention I was a type snob?

Listening to: Beyond Skin from the album “Beyond Skin” by Nitin Sawhney

5 thoughts on “Diddling with stylesheets”

  1. Bizarrely, viewing this page with Safari shows the very first capital letter if the body text on the line below, weird. Could send you a screen shot to illustrate if you like.

  2. Oops. Need to make the heading background images wider…
    Incidentally, the drop caps look best in FireFox. They’re a bit funky in anything else, and really screwed up in IE6.

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