Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

My PowerBook is on the sofa in my lounge. I, however, am sitting in my office, working on the old battleaxe of a desktop Mac. At some point, I realise that I want to send a text message to a friend. While my phone is to hand, I find it simpler to:

  1. VNC screen-share to my PowerBook next door, over WiFi.
  2. Bluetooth-pair back through the wall to my mobile phone.
  3. Type the message on the PowerBook, via Address Book and the screen sharing thing.

Is it possible for wireless networks to become tangled? Should I even worry, given that this felt like a perfectly natural chain of events? Or am I just a l33t M4cus3r?

Or maybe I should simply redouble my efforts to find the USB Bluetooth dongle for the Power Mac. Or call someone with, you know, voice.

3 thoughts on “Oh, what a tangled web we weave.”

  1. [added here for completeness]
    I use OSXvnc as the server and the bafflingly-named Chicken of the VNC as the client. Rendezvous goodness, decent performance, not too many baffling settings.

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