This blog will, at some point in the not-too-distant future, move. It’s been clear for some time that I should have something like the traditional ‘About’ section, and I’ve eventually realised that the way to do it is to demote the blog and throw up another set of pages at the root of My personal blatherings are all well and good, and I won’t stop (you can’t make me!), but I should make at least a token effort to present a more professional face.

What I’ll try to do, with my rad new mod_rewrite skillz, is arrange matters such that all links to archives and old entries on this blog are redirected to their new locations. Which would be really very smart. But heaven help me trying to make that work…

A little advance warning, anyway. If you’re reading this through NetNewsWire or another aggregator (and if you’re not, why not, for heaven’s sake?), and the feed suddenly disappears, this is what happened, OK?

It could still take me weeks to sort it all out, mind.

3 thoughts on “Moving”

  1. If you can’t be arsed, there’s a Low Road approach.
    Isn’t there always?
    Put up an index.html page in the root directory.
    It contains a redirect meta tag pointing to the /professional/ sub directory.
    All blog URLs stay in tact, but to get to the blog you have to go to index.php.
    Hack? Yes. Works? for now.

  2. This would presumably work if I went with a dynamic front page – I presume MT3 handles that with a PHP stub file. But it should be reasonably straightforward to redirect any link to /archives to /blog/archives, I’d guess. Or I could do something really nasty with structures and swap the…

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