Two shows down – or, at least, recorded – which leaves six to go. All things considered, filming went remarkably smoothly. Which is to say, large portions of the last couple of weeks have been a complete nightmare, but the final machines were, for the most part, huge fun. There’s lots we can do better for subsequent shows, but there are also rather pressing worries like… er… what do the later shows consist of, anyway? Ho hum. Doubtless we’ll manage. Somehow.

One series tradition already underway goes like this: every show, your correspondent shall lose a handkerchief in moderately bizarre circumstances. The first one was used to mop up and wring out saucepans full of water (which couldn’t be tipped out for reasons that will be apparent when the programme goes out). Subsequently, it became soaked through in fresh but decidedly non-potable orange juice. Gallons of it. The second handkerchief was used to wipe off some extraneous marker pen, before eventually seeing service as a firelighter. Unexpectedly, even doused in petrol it proved tricky to ignite.

Beyond that, there’s not much I can tell you without spilling the beans entirely. Besides, I’ve only seen the machines and some of the people – there’s been plenty going on of which I’ve had no idea. I look forward to seeing the final result.

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