One of the goodies in my recent-ish monster Amazon parcel was a DVD of Lost in Translation, which the regular reader (singular, I fear) may recall I absolutely adored in the cinema. Quite why I hadn’t got around to watching it is something of a mystery. Perhaps I was scared I wouldn’t like it as much the second time around, but I needn’t have worried. I still think it’s sparsely beautiful and boasts unreasonably wonderful photography. But I’m still most impressed that it manages to capture on film a state of ennui that, by rights, should exist only in one’s mind: a magnificent achievement. While I can see why many people dislike it, I’m not amongst them.

Incidentally, buried in the film trivia over at the IMDB lies this gem:

The redheaded lounge singer wasn’t a professional actress, but rather the real-life lounge singer of the Hotel where the cast and crew were staying at, and they thought her performance of the “Scarborough Fair” fit the theme of the film so well, they asked her to be in the movie

….which is pretty much the definition of ‘glorious understatement’ in that the point is exquisitely clear, and yet goes entirely unmentioned. Which is, of course, the story of the film.


(only one person will understand that, so you’d better ruddy well post a comment, you slacker.)

3 thoughts on “Understatement”

  1. When I saw ‘Lost in Translation’ in the cinema it made me feel so fantastic that I ran out of the cinema and ran home elated and on the verge of tears. I wanted to skip and jump and fall in love. I pre-ordered it from Amazon.com on got it on DVD while it was still in the cinemas here. Loved it…
    Apparently though Scarlett isn’t a particularly intelligent woman in real life. That shocked and upset me. I’ve heard it from two people now… for some reason finding that out gave me the same feeling as finding out Father Christmas isn’t real…

  2. I like what you�ve done, tricking me into posting comments. However It�s mad me realise how regimented my morning ritual�s become. Before anyone else is in the office I go through a list of websites. I start with XFM providing me with a surfing soundtrack before logging on to The Daily Grind. Sometimes I understand what you�ve written even to the point I regurgitate the information (but as if I just thought of it). Then finally I log on to Goggle Earth where I spend a good hour looking down on stuff before I go to get tea.

  3. You’ve been taken over by the GIANT KILLER ROBOTS, haven’t you Jack? I mean, that’s far too serious a comment to come from you.

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