Normal service will be resumed just as soon as we’ve worked out what constitutes ‘normal.’

Is March always this busy? Having read the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and then jumped feet-first into Creative Commons licensing, last week (crumbs, was it only last week?) I ended up at a school in Dingwall doing a day-and-a-half video workshop. The students (a.) were terrific, (b.) were patient with my patently inept workshop planning, and (c.) worked like stink to get their films presentable. They slaved over hot iBooks right up until the deadline, bless ’em. Huge fun, very silly, and four inches of snow overnight merely added to the entirely surreal quality of the trip.

This week I did not-really-the-same stuff with a group of staff at the Glasgow Science Centre – who were, frankly, embarrassingly good at filming things and probably didn’t need me in the first place. But like all rookie teachers, I’ll claim their success was down to my instructional talent. Obviously. Then today I finally held a running camera again, shooting a couple of pieces with the award-winning Ben.

So now I have nine films hot for the editing, and it’s going to be another busy week. Meanwhile, it looks like I might be going to Bangalore in the next month or so, in a this-must-be-a-wind-up-surely? sort of way. For work, I’ll have you know. All very strange.

So: busy, happy, all a bit weird and unsettling but (mostly) in a good way. And I haven’t even mentioned the wolves in the walls yet. Nor my attempts to convince James to have business cards printed reading ‘James Gordon, Vaudeville Producer and Shark-Hunter.’ It would actually be true, you see.

Anyway, I’ll try to catch up with posts soon. I know you’ve missed me. Even if you didn’t send me cards and flowers for my birthday. Ingrates, tsk.

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