Linkety linkety

Time to clear out some browser tabs. I don’t vouch that any of this will be remotely interesting.

  • Pre-pixellated ‘logo’ T-shirts. This is both a great idea and tragically dim at the same time. They look great… but the emblem could still become a distinct brand and featuring it on TV could be considered ‘undue prominence.’ Or perhaps that’s the Americans doing irony again.
  • Is it just me, or are the toolbar controls in Interarchy 8 waaaay too close to the window edge? Anarchie/Interarchy used to be one of my favourite pieces of software. I forget why I moved over to Transmit, but I’ve no reason to go back. Heigh-ho.
  • PayPal Mobile. Oh happy happy day… though one does have to wonder if PayPal’s vendor fees are still rather large?
  • Windows Vista in 2007. Ish. ‘Business-oriented’ versions are still due this year, but it’s not clear to which of the six (or was it eight?) editions that refers. Regardless, the consumer version is now due in January 2007. Given how far away that is (again), one has to wonder what the confidence level is in that prediction. After all, every previous Longhorn schedule has been wide of the mark, and I see no reason to believe this one more than the others. But what’s really interesting is that we’re all expecting Mac OS X 10.5 to be out by the end of the year. It’ll be an interesting comparison.
  • Onlife feels like the sort of thing Martin and I used to talk about under the heading ‘Serendipity.’ It’s an application that watches what you do and keeps a rolling history of it, viewable and searchable in timelines and calendars. I’m surprised it’s taken this long post-Spotlight to arrive – my guess is that the user interface for this sort of thing isn’t easy. Onlife looks good so far, and I admire the developers for making it free while they’re trying stuff out with it. I’ll have a play and see how I get on.
  • Oooh! Oooh! Plus, Onlife’s dev invokes Vannevar Bush’s memex, and started playing with this stuff at the Media Lab. Cool! 🙂
  • (free) Fonts that look like scribbled and illegible print and handwriting. Genius!
  • I actually rather liked the EuroMedley hoax on Today this morning. Makes more sense than sea shanties, anyway, and good on Kinnock for playing up to it.
  • ZipLight – add filenames within .zip archives to your Spotlight catalogue. Handy.
  • All-squid, all the time: You want squid info? They have it.
  • Gia’s gone all video on us. Next week, I have to find out how to do that thing where an embedded QuickTime movie shows a poster frame, then reloads itself in situ. Then I have to make that work with this whole ActiveX debacle. This looks useful.
  • Heh. Giles linked to my little post about being broken – I’ve been linked from O’! The book deal must be close… or at least, getting back into the top 100,000 blogs on Technorati.


2 thoughts on “Linkety linkety”

  1. Oooh, thanks for that Gia – looks like exactly what I need. Googling around has failed to find anything else of any use at all, which is curious. You’d think it’d be a perfectly common desire, but there we go. Perhaps video blogging is more bleeding-edge than I thought?

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