Retro as I am, I had to take my films into the lab to get them developed. I’m mildly surprised that’s still possible. Anyway, I have my piccies back from India. They’re all from the same morning – a terribly dusty day in Delhi – and they’re… well, meh. They’re OK.

See, the thing is, I hate my lens so much (it vignettes rather badly) that I just haven’t used the camera very much. And one really does get out of practice, it seems. In particular, my old Minolta is old enough that the viewfinder eyepoint isn’t quite large enough to work with my glasses, so I never see all of the frame. I used to be able to adjust for that, but for some reason with these films I’ve clipped too much off the foot of frame. I’ll have to check the negs and see if I really have, or if it’s dubious printing.

The real disappointment, however, is in the grab shots down the back streets of Old Delhi. Difficult circumstances, and the shutter speed just isn’t high enough (no great surprise – I was mostly shooting blind). It’s gutting because at least one of the shots is sufficiently clear to reveal that it would have been magnificent… had it not been shaky.


However, there are still some interesting shots, and a few with which I’m quite pleased. I’ll work out what to do with them in the coming days.

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