Remember that UGTV meet-up in London last Wednesday that I mentioned? Since I was in a school making, you know, films an’ all, I couldn’t attend. So I just hit the search systems to see if I could find out what happened there.

Big thanks to Dug Falby for posting his entertainingly rambling cameraphone (?) thoughts – they’re enough to give a feel for what was going on, which sounds like a resounding ‘meh.’ Tips o’ the hat also to Dierdre for her post, and I look forward to a report from Scott at The Stage in the hopes that I learn more about what was said there beyond ‘cheap!’

But speaking of cheap – is it a cheap shot to observe that, for a meeting about user-generated content, UGTV appears to have inspired spectacularly little content from… er… ‘users’? I know we’re hardly at the bleeding edge of blog take-up here in the UK, and I know it was a small event, but… four blog posts?

And come on, people, you’re a cutting-edge new media company! You mean you haven’t got a DV camera, tripod, and a copy of iMovie kicking around? For shame, we did better than this with NotCon!

Meanwhile, it’s hard not to be proud of what we’re setting out to do with SciCast. It’s simultaneously more humble, but also more grand, and perhaps better thought-through (heh – watch that come back to haunt me). We’re not trying to make money out of it, which perhaps makes it easier. Then again, this week I’ve been standing in classrooms explaining copyright and Creative Commons licenses to 12 year-olds…

[update: Mint have published their own summary of the event, hurrah!]

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