300Gb laptop drives

Woohoo! My PowerBook G4 has an 80Gb drive, which was as big as they came when it was new, and still as big as they came until earlier this year. But my PowerBook is three years old, sheesh – paging Gordon Moore, your Law may need tweaking!

I was beginning to wonder if the next MacBook Pro would feature 80Gb iPod drives in a RAID 0 array, but now it looks like sanity will return and save me from daily sweeps for free disk space.

I’m quite serious, by the way: one of the things that’s kept me from considering a replacement laptop is that even 160Gb isn’t enough for a full install of the dev tools, iLife, Final Cut Studio, a decent iTunes library, a series of Studio 60, and 300,000 documents I’ve accumulated over the last fifteen years. Well, it isn’t if you want space for media, anyway.

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