Next month, I shall mostly be editing short films


Last night, I labeled up all the tapes we’ve shot for SciCast, from March 2006 to the Dorchester workshops at the beginning of the month. By my count there are about 125 tapes, covering roughly 90 short films. For comparison, this is equivalent to a series of The Big Bang, which used to run to about that many tapes and items. That was a half-million-quid broadcast series, with usually two edit suites running and a total post-production staff of nine. SciCast has one tank of a G4 Mac running Final Cut, and me.

Mercifully the shooting ratio is rather lower and there are already (mostly) rough cuts, but it’s still going to take a while to clear the backlog. Particularly since I’m off to the BIG Event tomorrow, and will doubtless be shooting a couple more films there. Including – weather permitting – one or two with the large and dashing Cody box kite that just arrived. Oooh, exciting.

I’ve been feeling a little swamped by the scale of the job ahead, and I know it must be frustrating for the schools involved not to be able to see their work. But labeling everything last night and being reminded of the films, and of how terrific some of them are, then laying the tapes in these serried ranks – that’s got me all excited again.

Roll on next week: editing, and… jury service. Great timing, huh?

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