N95 good news/bad news

I just hooked my phone to my PC for the first time in a few weeks, and tried the Nokia software update tool. Previously, it hadn’t recognised the phone model number, since Orange UK use a custom variation.

Good news: this time it agrees there’s an update, and is downloading 11.0.026. Which isn’t the most recent firmware going, but whatever.

Bad news: the N95 crashed during install, and on reboot appears to be unresponsive. Merde.

[update: leaving it a few minutes without power, it now starts up. I’m attempting to update again.]


[update 2: nope. Tried three times, and the phone crashes out each time, at the same point. Nokia forums are full of people having problems even with the latest 12.0.014. My advice remains: avoid the Nokia N95 at all costs, it’s a shambles.]

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