Remote Masterchef

Flossie and I have a new game: send the other person a food parcel via Tesco delivery, and require them to blog what they concoct from the contents. The opening salvo in this trial of wit and culinary cunning was an unchallenging shot across the bows, but I sense a degree of escalation may be involved in my retaliatory volley.

So: a question to the web geeks here – how might we pressure Tesco to add an API to their service, so we can do BBC Backstage/Tesco TV dinner mashups? Or integrate Google Maps, get Tesco to deliver to GPS coordinates, and thus do on-demand drop-delivery geocaching.

Come to think of it, my phone has a GPS unit – why can’t I do operations like ‘I’m up this mountain and really fancy a bun. Tesco!’ ?

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