et, and all that

Hoefler & Frere-Jones write about , ß, and &.

I love that people care so much about this sort of stuff. Also, that exploring it leads me to places like this. Should I ever find myself employing printworkers towards the end of August, I shall have to ensure I throw theme a wayzgoose.

2 thoughts on “et, and all that”

  1. Ooooh, ooooh. I have so much to learn. I knew that & is called an ampersand, but *news to me* its origins are firmly founded in et. I am going to file that away for future reference. Ah, I will be utterly intolerable come the next typography trivia conversation I am involved in.
    Oh, I see. That’s why no-one talks to me, huh.

  2. Yes, it may well be why some people don’t talk to you. But it’s part of why I love you.
    [There follows another comment from rpg along the lines of ‘You two are sickeningly sweet.’ Bet you.]

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