X Files script unboxing

I missed this from Gia last week:


She had the script with her at the SciCast Awards last Friday, but would only show me her contract, stapled to the front cover, and that she wouldn’t let me read. She wouldn’t even fan the pages so I could confirm it was indeed a screenplay underneath.

Now, I more-or-less lost interest in the X Files after a couple of series, when it became clear that they didn’t know whether it was an episodic or ‘arc’ show either. I also became completely confused by the order in which episodes seemed to be broadcast, a situation not helped by my not having a TV in the early days. Of course, there wasn’t really a web at the time on which fans could write episode guides – I think the first such site to be anything like comprehensive was the Lurkers’ Guide to Babylon 5.

Nevertheless, if Gia carries on posting stuff like this I’ve a sneaking suspicion that her enthusiasm is going to infect me. Like some insidious black oil, presumably.


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  1. Hi,
    I just checked out the vid and I have to say, it’s infectious.I actually am a die-hard X-Phile anyway but this video is great!It really makes me excited it’s just amazing that she actually had the balls to open it on camera, what with confidentiality clause and all that.However the fact of the matter is that she hasn’t revealed anything, just her enthusiasm.I’m so excited for this film, I can’t believe it’s been made and I’m gonna be first in line when it comes out is all I’m saying.Cheers for this!!

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