I was afraid of that

Oh, arse. The nice chaps behind OpenTech 2008 have asked if I’d take point on video for them again.

Last time around it was 20 hours+ of tape. Digitize, top/tail, export, compress, upload… it’s a lot of work. Not hard, just time-consuming. Since I already have a significant backlog of paying projects, I really should say no.

Unless… unless… there may just be a cunning way. Hmm…

Must. Think. Carefully.

3 thoughts on “I was afraid of that”

  1. Do you have to use tape? How about a straight to mp4 digital camera? Or one like my Canon that captures 640x480x30fps raw video on SD cards that you can mount directly, trim in QT Player and export.
    I’ve also used QT Broadcaster to live-webcast and record compressed, with uploads inbetween sessions.
    BTW, your OpenID comment login is broken

  2. It’s a question of available gear. I maybe have enough MacBooks (via SciCast) to record direct to H.264 from a Firewire camera feed, but most of my cameras turn themselves off if parked. Ugh. And with stills/cheap cameras, you have to be careful with sound.
    But yes, you’re right, and that’s more-or-less my plan. The bigger questions are whether I can contrive to be in London that day with a carload of gear on that day, and whether I have the spare time to handle even minimal tweaking, export, and upload.
    We’ll see.

  3. Oh, and – yes, the commenting here is in a ‘barely-working’ state, which I think is at least partly a result of still running MT “four-point-oh-dear.” 4.15 should be out in a few days/weeks, and I’m rather holding off for it… and then it’s worth trying to get things actually, you know, working.
    Thanks for the reminder, though.

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