Maker Faire Newcastle, 2009

From the mailing list of the fabulous British Interactive Group:

I know lots of BIG chatters are big fans of Make magazine and will know about the Maker Faires it puts on in the US. Now Maker Faire is coming to the UK as part of the Newcastle Science Festival on 14th/15th March 2009 in Times Square outside the Centre for Life and various other nearby spaces, so we’re looking for Makers to take part. (to get an idea of what they get up to in the US ones, see this site, although this first UK one won’t be anywhere near as big)

If you want to come and show off your projects, run a workshop etc etc we’d like to hear from you. There’s going to be a banner announcement going up on the Make Blog in the next couple of days that will connect you to a sign-up form, so please sign up there rather than mailing me direct. Sign-up deadline is 30th Jan, so you have the hol to think about what you might want to do.

Please pass this on to any makers of your acquaintance – we’d love to see as many people participating as possible, whether they weld big bits of metal, programme arduinos, hack toys or make weird bikes, all are welcome.


I’m told they’re also recruiting a project manager for the event.

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