There’s a wonderful synergistic relationship between:

  1. Sennheiser EW112P G2 radio microphone sets, and the
  2. Apple Bluetooth (wireless) Mighty Mouse.

See, you never want to put old batteries in a radio mic set. There’s nothing worse than them packing up part-way through an interview, and you can guarantee they’ll give up right in the middle of the best delivery you get all day. This is particularly key when you’re a one-person crew, in that you usually can’t monitor audio as much as you should.

The only way to avoid the scenario is to install fresh batteries for each shoot. Fine. But then you end up with squillions of half-dead batteries lying around. What do you do with them?

Feed them to the mouse.

It’s even a good way of checking your shooting ratios. If you’re racking up batteries faster than your mouse can chomp through the dregs, you’re either editing very quickly, or you’re shooting too much stuff for the amount of edit time you’ve got.

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