Office life

Kim had a series of bizarre breakfast accidents yesterday. It all started when I ran to the local coffee shop for a dose of their particular brand of rocket fuel: Kim was up for a coffee too, and also a croissant.

Well, no croissants, so I bought him something else that was slightly curved and boasted only a tenuous connection with France. ie. a banana. Which is fine – he likes bananas – except that I handed it to him while he was cleaning his glasses.

Three minutes later, a yelp. He’d poked his eye with the thing while putting his specs back on.

Subsequently, in a meeting, his coffee cup started to leak all over our boss’s conference table. He dashed out – burning his hand on the coffee – and dumped the leaky cup into an empty mug on a colleague’s desk.

On leaving the meeting, we found the mug overflowing, coffee seeping across the colleague’s desk and soaking its way through a pile of legal documents awaiting signing.

Poor Kim.

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