Vignettes of America

I’ve finally finished posting my photos from America; they’re up in a gallery here:

Jonathan’s USA 2003 photos.

If you click through the thumbnails you’ll find my comments on each shot. Be warned that there are rather a lot of them. There are probably some viewing preferences things scattered around in the system – feel free to play – and you can even leave comments on particular photos.

Caveats: (1) sorry about the \’ nonsense. Server problem; I thought I’d fixed it but it’s returned. (2) Re-reading my comments, they seem more melancholy than I’d intended/expected. Weird. I think I must have been going for ‘minimalist dry wit’ but missed, or something. (3) I think that lens’ days are over: the vignetting is simply dreadful. Annoying. (4) Still to come: video sequences, and desktop textures.

Anyway – enjoy. Let me know what you think.

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