Back on your heads

…as an Aussie friend of mine was fond of saying. Rather often.

It’s now a week since I returned to Glasgow, and I’ve been… er… what have I been doing? It’s really not clear. Lots of good food, a few games of The Settlers of Catan with unsuspecting chums, and… er… not a whole lot else.

However, I have been gradually catching up on net stuff, via renewed acquaintance with the miracle that is broadband. Something like 3000 emails have been dealt with (no, I’m not joking – though most of them were mailing list stuff that I simply ‘marked as read,’ and today I trawled somewhat over 1000 blog stories in NetNewsWire. So that’s that done, though I’m still woefully behind with email anyway, it seems.

Anyway – something the geeks amongst you might find useful: use 5 or 13-character WEP passwords (for 40 and 128-bit encryption respectively), and hardware from any vendor will apparently apply the same hashing. Now they ruddy well tell us! [sigh]. (via Steven Frank, who had much the same response as me. How much time has the world wasted mis-transcribing hex WEP keys?)

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  1. Strangely enough, I found myself trying to set up 40bit wep encryption on Saturday morning. And yes I wasted a lot of time. Thank goodness for the hard reset on the wireless router is all I can say…

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