9 thoughts on “one-to-many distribution”

  1. OK, that’s Colin, my dad, Martin, and John.
    Firefox is a very good browser, and occasionally you’ll come across a site that doesn’t work in Safari but does in FireFox. So it can be handy to have around. But I can’t say I really use it myself other than for testing purposes.
    Personally, I use OmniWeb, which is essentially Safari with a few nice twiddly bits lobbed in. The most useful of these — saving your session when you quit so you don’t lose all the sites you’re looking at, and draggable tabs — can be grafted onto Safari using Saft.

  2. Anything that might be at all useful for me is doomed. I click on the link and it tells me there’s a problem with my ‘data server’. Maybe I should contact my web system admin. … OH JONATHAN!!

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