That was ridiculous

NetNewsWire_1While I was making Mechannibals, I didn’t have much chance to catch up with the wider world online. As a result NetNewsWire faithfully syphoned up a ridiculous number of unread blog posts… most of which I never read.

This morning, it topped well over 4,500 unread. This afternoon, I’ve managed to get it back down to: none. Oh happy, happy day.

Quite how I can avoid that ever happening again, I’ve no idea. And really, I should have been trying to do the same with my email inbox. Maybe next weekend, since I seem to have have a zillion or so open browser tabs, each containing an interesting article. Drat.

[update: Tee-hee. I just tried to command+tab to NetNewsWire, and suffered a moment of confusion. Without the red-flashed ‘unread posts’ count, I didn’t recognise the icon.]

2 thoughts on “That was ridiculous”

  1. Only 4,500? NNW is currently reading 11863 for me. Eep. I should just get over it, and admit that I am never going to read all those posts. Yet, still, I live in hope.

  2. Eleven… thousand? You maniac.
    I’m trying hard, but with only 242 subscribed feeds I’m barely even taking it seriously. Maybe Scoble could give you some competition – didn’t he claim some time ago to be reading a thousand feeds each day? Respect due.

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