Needless to say, things got a bit better as the week went on. Two schools’ workshops, with absolutely fantastic kids; they made some barking crazy films. The production values aren’t wonderful (they’re not bad – it’s more that they’re rushed than anything), but the ideas are great and I’m astonished at how complete they all are. Two things stand out: firstly, 12 year-olds are really good at thinking non-linearly, and that’s not an oblique reference to their being hairbrained eejits. More on that later. Secondly, they can be astonishingly ruthless with their own material, hacking out swathes of stuff they slaved over shooting because it just kills the pace of the final film. I heard the phrase ‘I liked that… but it’s better out. Delete!’ often. Excellent.

If only… if only RocketBoom was made by 12 year-olds? They’ve replaced Amanda with – and I’m sorry, this is really catty of me and may not even be accurate, but it has to be said – somebody else who can’t present. I lasted 1 minute 14 seconds. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Back”

  1. yeah she sucks the monkeys ass. lets start a fire joanna whatherface of rocketboom. better still, just dont drop by anymore

  2. It worries me a little that I just don’t get many of the current crop of internet fads. Rocketboom just seems a bit pointless to me, and I shake my head in bemusement at the news that myspace is now the top site in the US internet charts.
    Is the cutting edge starting to pass me by I wonder, and do I really care if it is?

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