Stay on target… stay on target!

Almost there… almost there!

Ten down, two to go. This afternoon we had a viewing of the fifth programme in the series, which rather confusingly is the tenth to go through post-production. It’s the show based around the new Danny Boyle film Sunshine, and I must say I’m absolutely delighted with it. Brian Cox rocked up for an interview at dawn, bless him, and somehow mustered the energy to enthuse about physics with the sun rising behind him – it’s all very beautiful. The Futureheads get excited about sliced bread, there’s a bizarre and rather charming use of Silly Putty at fusion physics research centre JET, and then Boyle himself takes his own film with a refreshing pinch of salt, and takes the piss out of Brian a bit.

It’s all very chummy and approachable – despite some extreme physics in places – and I’m absolutely delighted with the tone set by director Christine. It’s irreverent without being flippant, pragmatic but not cynical. A fun show, that romps along and looks lovely, and the Big Bosses loved it.

Two more to go.

Biggs, Wedge, let’s close it up.

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