I had a blast at the unFestival yesterday, and regret not making it over to Edinburgh today for the ‘Best of…’ session in the main TV Festival. Mind you, I feel rough enough to have just cleaned the bath (which only seems to happen when I’m under the weather), so…

More later, doubtless. Also more as I grapple with MT4, which is looking pretty good, though making a clean start from my 2.2-vintage templates has been fiddly, and for all the talk about how lovely the default stylesheets are, I’m not terribly impressed with the typography.

Right now, I have Yorkshire puddings to cook, but in the meantime I’m delighted that Stellr at least got Twittered about.

1 thought on “Busy!”

  1. Hi Jonathan, it was very nice to have met you, and I was really interested in your session on kids TV. Thank you for talking for so long until we all ran out of questions!
    If you’re in Edinburgh on Thursday nights please come along to the Borough. The physicists and I are usually there from 7.30 till after 10pm. Give me a call or twitter me (@digitalkatie) if you want to check.
    Also, had you heard about TeachMeet? Its an unconference for teachers. Its on at the Glasgow Science Centre this year. I’m sure there would be lots of teachers and educational people interested in the Planet Scicast.

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